36th Week of My Wife’s Pregnancy

Hi there,…

Today, I have an uncertain feeling. I don’t know, I can not describe this feeling itself. This is crazy.

My wife’s pregnancy reaches week 36 now, the “ball” she had is getting bigger and bigger. Sometimes, I see some movement on my wife’s belly. This is quite funny, it’s very interesting, magnificent. I am really happy about this.

This will be my first baby, InshaAllah. Honestly, I’m quite nervous myself. I’m quite anxious. This is crazy, my first posting in this blog was “managing anxiety“, but, today, in fact, I’m really anxious. haha,… 😀

Anyway, I just want to share how happy I am today,.. I am about to be a father soon.. I can’t wait anymore,… Subhanallah,… Allahu Akbar!

I hope the delivery will be OK. I’m really concerned about the condition of my wife and my baby now. This will be a great start to face the real life, and I am sure that Allah SWT will always be with me and my family..

Well, if you read this thing, could you send me a prayer?… hehe…
I need some supports,… indeed,…

By the way, here is the picture for 36th week pregnancy :

36 weeks pregnancy (babycenter.com)

OK then, have a nice day,,…

May Allah SWT always be with you,..
May Allah SWT always be with us,..


5 thoughts on “36th Week of My Wife’s Pregnancy”

  1. amazing moment.. 😀 😀 happy family yah mba son and mr. harbun 🙂

    just a minute, all of you willl have a cute baby.

    barokallah for your new family 🙂

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